The two are already parents to 6-year-old Max and 2-year-old Carey.
Big Bird learns that his new friend does things a bit differently, and that's OK.
A tropical storm warning has been issued from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, north to Altamaha Sound, Georgia.
"I remember just looking at him and I knew he was meant to be ours.”
The German documentary Julia tells the fascinating true life tale of a beautiful Lithuanian transexual prostitute living in Berlin, and accompanies her voyage through nearly ten years, thanks to the lens and love of filmmaker J. Jackie Baier.
Today, the Huffington Post community posted its 250 millionth comment. The conversation is not only alive and well on HuffPost.com but thriving on HuffPost Live, on our international editions and on our iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.
Times are changing. And thanks to President Obama's support for LGBT rights, black Americans attitudes towards LGBT people are slowly changing too, but we still have a long way to go to end the bigotry and religious homophobia that still exists.
Mothers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. As head of the household holding down the fort as a single parent
In the larger story, Nick and Julia finally decided to define their relationship, while the women slowly learned that it
Swinton plays a woman who, almost from the birth of her son, Kevin, suspects there's something wrong with him. And not just
Since it's Oscar season -- and that always gets me thinking about the movies I like -- I thought I'd share with you five political movies worth seeing:
The first woman admitted into the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Julia Morgan, designed an astounding 700 buildings during her career. What makes Ms. Morgan was also California's first female architect.
Learn what it was like for Bill and Chelsea to go through puberty together, whether Socks the Cat will be re-adopted to the
In Julia, Tilda Swinton is, from beginning to end, an emotional live-wire, a solo performance of anxious dynamism.