If they're as good as the wild-card weekend, we're in for a treat.
"You want to be proud, but not overly loud."
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On course to match their 2007 perfect season, the Pats now stand at 9-0. But they almost didn't. Julian Edelman was out early
With 356 yards and four TDs, Tom Brady was out to show the world that he isn't slowing down any time soon. A resounding 36
Over the past year, Julian Edelman has been exploring his Judaism and reached out to CJP, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, to set forth on a journey of self-discovery in Israel.
The new rule will give authority to a third party to call for a medical timeout.
After weeks of buildup, hours of pre-game shows and the festival of football itself, you'd think that we'd pretty much be over the Super Bowl by now. But no. In fact, it turns out, that when it comes to the Super Bowl, it's all over but the crunching.
HE'S NO MARSHAWN LYNCH, BUT... LeGarrette Blount has a similarly bruising running style that can be very effective against