Julian Fellowes

Creator Julian Fellowes and actor Allen Leech discuss the television series' movie follow-up, which conquered the weekend box office.
Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery and Hugh Bonneville are all expected to return.
Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes talks about TV being the most interesting thing in show business.
You won't be sorry this doctor is in the house. Frank actually gets along quite well with Miss Dunstable, having told her
The finale of "Downton Abbey", the bonanza of a television series for many of us all over the world, was so striking in its point of view.
With the on-air look, social media, and publicity of The Complete Jane Austen, we were laying the groundwork for the phenomena
Downton Abbey wasn't just wrapped up last night, it was swept away in a tsunami of schmaltz.
Season Six is absolutely thrilling beyond measure. The show is going out in a wave of triumph. I had to take Valium midway because I thought I'd never get to sleep after the non-stop excitement.
If you haven't seen it... try it. It's addictive -- not in the way binge watching video can be, but more in the way that we return to great stories and experience them again and again with the knowledge that we won't be let down, because the story will sustain us, like Star Wars with butlers. (C-3PO! hello!!!)
First the announcement: the kids in School of Rock bringing down the house at the Winter Garden Theater are playing their
On Monday night November 23, The 43rd International Emmy Awards held it's annual celebration of television excellence from programming around the globe.
I think we are trying to create a world in itself, a kind of universe. We want people to become involved with that world, and they do it in their relationships with these fictional characters. And sometimes their relationship can be surprisingly powerful, almost alarming. People pray for my characters.
I sat down with Jessica Fellowes, author of three juicy coffee table books about the award-winning series and niece to show creator Julian Fellowes, to get the inside scoop about the new season.
I listen attentively as she tells me her life story, which is testament to the notion that in many ways, life just keeps getting better as we grow older.
Edith suffered, again, Thomas schemed, again, Mary snobbed suitors, again, and Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Grantham continued
Harold Ramis, the creator of "Groundhog Day" and star of "Ghostbusters," died on Monday. This was met with an outpour of
How is it that a writer who seems so determined to examine issues of sexual orientation, racial discrimination and gender inequality can promulgate one of the most dangerous stereotypes of all?
In a successful drama, particularly one with such deeply-written and beloved characters as Downton Abbey it hurts much more to see the personality-lobotomies that have occurred since Matthew's reckless driving/acting career move.