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AMC’s adaptation of “Dietland” brings the female revenge fantasy into the post-Weinstein era.
The "Dietland" actress said using the bags is a "really cathartic, therapeutic moment."
"I don’t know how I got out of that hotel room," she said of a threatening encounter with Seagal.
And so it is that the passing of The Good Wife is a loss for CBS in particular and broadcast television in general, and very likely the end of an era. I have to say the end came fast and furious.
  “There is so much pressure to look young," Margulies told NewBeauty. "But it sure beats the alternative. If I wasn’t aging
Like most religious awakenings, it didn't happen overnight. I'd heard of this new show The Good Wife, seen ads on bus stops and during commercial breaks for trivial shows like 60 Minutes. It looked silly, something unnecessary in my already busy spiritual TV life.
The Golden Globes were actually great this year. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler capped three stints as hosts with their greatest
"The Good Wife," for example, opened in 2009 with the fallout from a sex scandal. Six years and multiple boundary-pushing
He was unique to this world, not because of his success in advertising, although some may argue that. But because he was a gentle soul, who found himself, at a very young age, searching for the meaning of man.
It's easy to admire a lady on your TV screen, but asking someone to be a mentor can be pretty terrifying when you don't even have the guts to order a pizza without using an app.