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And finally, in 1970 Eurovision introduced the world to Julio Iglesias as he represented his native Spain with an incredible
The Spanish singer called Trump a clown, then apologized to clowns.
Fans cheered for the pair, but many had likely been hoping for a different kind of duet. For years, Iglesias has been expected
If you've been to a party in Mazatlan, Mexico, you know what they mean by "fiesta." Now multiply by 10, add a chorus from Julio Iglesias and a wow from Lady Gaga, and you'll have a faint idea of the welcome celebration awaiting cruise passengers soon to disembark at this classic seaside port town.
Iglesias fans were definitely saddened by the news, but not entirely shocked. In recent months, it seems like a rift has
Other songwriters like Mexican José Angel Espinoza, Spaniard Manuel Alejandro and Cuban Concha Valdez have also been selected
For the first time I heard the music of Meme Solís without hiding. The only thing missing was him singing it.
A celebrity endorsement, whether explicit or implicit, emboldens dictators in their denial of fundamental freedoms to their people. They must pay a price. And those who endorse them with their presence, like Iglesias, should be called out for their disgraceful conduct.
Google Marty Panzer and you'll be convinced that he was born in the CBS Mailroom at the age of 18, and he may well may have been, in the sense that the CBS Mailroom was where he began to first feel alive.