july 4

Robert Crimo III confessed to police that he shot at Independence Day celebrators, killing 7 and wounding dozens more.
At least seven people were killed and about two dozen others, including several children, were taken to hospitals.
Independence Day celebrations in the United States have been rattled by a shooting that left at least six people dead at a parade in Illinois.
Luckily, no one was seriously injured following the unintentional detonation in Ocean City, Maryland.
Mayor Muriel Bowser said Trump's "Salute to America" expenses will further deplete a fund that was never repaid for costs of the president's inauguration.
The amount adds to the growing tab to taxpayers for Trump's July 4 military extravaganza.
The government won't allow the legendary balloon to be filled with helium and banned it from the Lincoln Memorial, where Trump will speak.
On this independence day, I wish for everyone, but mostly for myself - freedom.
"Patriotism is love for a country, not just pride in it."