july 4

Mayor Muriel Bowser said Trump's "Salute to America" expenses will further deplete a fund that was never repaid for costs of the president's inauguration.
The amount adds to the growing tab to taxpayers for Trump's July 4 military extravaganza.
The government won't allow the legendary balloon to be filled with helium and banned it from the Lincoln Memorial, where Trump will speak.
On this independence day, I wish for everyone, but mostly for myself - freedom.
"Patriotism is love for a country, not just pride in it."
To truly understand the meaning of America, ask someone who wasn't born here. In my case, that's easy.
In the midst of our festivities, we should find time to mourn the choices of our Founding Fathers that haunt us still.
And celebrate all that is good in the U.S.
In the middle of the terrace barbecue, I was thinking about Alice, Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Airplane, and the White Rabbit, all marching to the tune of their own inner fife and drummers. All in the name of Independence.
There has to be a way we can do what needs doing, to shine a light on the problems and injustices in our country, while still publicly embracing a commitment to the whole country, the whole community.