july 4th

President Donald Trump’s “Salute To America” event featured tanks and flyovers and cost the Pentagon $1.2 million.
The far-right gang reportedly fought with members of the Revolutionary Communist Party outside the White House on Thursday.
The annual July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C., featured President Donald Trump staying on script instead of going after Democrats, like some White House staffers feared he would do.
But the "nonpolitical" National Mall event’s tepid turnout is likely to trigger fresh anger from the criticism-sensitive Trump.
“Our nation is stronger today than it ever was before,” the president declared as military aircraft flew overhead.
The 20-foot balloon has arrived in D.C. as a protest against the president's militaristic Fourth of July extravaganza.
Fireworks are fun for humans, but notoriously frightening to dogs.
The spectacle is set to feature tanks and fighter jets soaring over Washington.
Following the outcry over Donald Trump's takeover of the festivities, members of the military reportedly are being told what to say to the media.
The former president hailed Independence Day as "a chance to celebrate America."
Besides Independence Day, July 4th is also known for other major events in U.S. history, including the opening of West Point military academy.
The president is set to hijack the usually bipartisan July 4th celebration in Washington.
The president is set to hijack the usually bipartisan July 4th celebration in Washington.
"Donald Trump's Independence Day" as the National Park Service calls it, will include military jets and a speech by the president.
The president's call for a "Salute To America" bash evoked memories of the wild "Honor America" Independence Day arranged by Richard Nixon supporters.
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July can be a wicked little bitch. It goes by faster than Rickey Henderson stole third back in the day. Yep, it seems like