"I have an idea of what to do and I think his family will be proud."
The late Robin Williams has over 100 acting credits. It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite, or 10 favorites. But here is our best shot at the legend's 10 best on screen roles.
Another day, another reboot! Look, I love Jumanji as much as the next board game apocalypse aficionado, but come on. How about we throw a bone to some of those poor screenwriters toiling away at their original masterpieces. Chances are at least some of them are okay! But if Hollywood insists on going back to the same old wells, maybe they would consider helping me out with a few reboots I've been kicking around.
Looking back, some of the earliest lessons I learned about love came from the movies that Williams brought to life. Here are the four that have really stuck with me.
There's still ample potential for this movie, so let's not count it out yet.
Scarlett Johansson has, over the past decade, become one of Hollywood's foremost leading ladies. Which makes it even more
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