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We definitely did not look like this on the playground.
Four new jump rope exercises you can do to spice up your workout routine.
"I'm just getting started," Carmichael boasted as he ticks off the jumps against Molly and Sarah in the video below. This
It only takes one step to change your sedentary life and that step is do it because you want to, not because you have to. I'm told I inspire, if that's true what's the next step? Do you listen to your body and take action? There has to be the desire, the energy, the love for what you are doing.
The MMA Workout Chris Reilly was a pro MMA fighter for more than a decade. Today, he coaches athletes at his Southern California
My body is my treasure, my best friend, and my first instrument. Muscles, tendons and even memory, tend to wear thin. Arthritis and osteoporosis show their ugly faces and at 91, I have both. But there are formulas for winning over these infirmities.
"No Ghosts Yet" is the first single off the band's self-titled debut EP, and along with it they have released a rather "glowing" (did I say that?) video, with an even more interesting behind-the-scenes story.
Tori Boggs is an Ohio State University student athlete who's also a world champion in a talent that may not necessarily come
Who says a jump rope is only for kids? In fact, jumping rope can burn as many calories as running -- and tone muscles in
Imagine standing on a narrow platform 20 stories high with nothing to catch you. Now imagine skipping rope on that precarious
Do you hit the (jump) ropes at the gym? What are your favorite recess-inspired moves? Share in the comments below. If this
From the geniuses that brought you Rebecca Black's "Friday" and, more recently, Nicole Westbrook's "Thanksgiving," meet Alison
Despite finding my feet frequently tangled in my rope, I was sweating and breathing hard just 10 or so minutes in, along with the regulars who were spread out across the basketball court.
Catching some sun and sipping on cool drinks are fine activities for the 4th of July. But, it can feel a little boring after
Watch video of Geronimo above (via YouTube/flydog102) Sometimes the weight of the world can seem overwhelming. But occasionally
Growing up, I was much more likely to use my jump ropes to tie my wagon to the back of my bike so I could tow things around than actually skip with them down the driveway. So I was admittedly a bit apprehensive when my colleague and I decided to try a jump rope workout class.
Because if there's one thing you need during your cardio routine, it's a pet who can do it better than you can. Thanks, Purin