jump rope

We definitely did not look like this on the playground.
Four new jump rope exercises you can do to spice up your workout routine.
"I'm just getting started," Carmichael boasted as he ticks off the jumps against Molly and Sarah in the video below. On the
You'll do five sets total, each time doing 10 fewer reps than the previous set. There's no rest between sets, just hammer
"No Ghosts Yet" is the first single off the band's self-titled debut EP, and along with it they have released a rather "glowing" (did I say that?) video, with an even more interesting behind-the-scenes story.
While it may not come to mind now, it will by the time you finish watching this unreal display of her skills above posted
Who says a jump rope is only for kids? In fact, jumping rope can burn as many calories as running -- and tone muscles in
Imagine standing on a narrow platform 20 stories high with nothing to catch you. Now imagine skipping rope on that precarious
By Sophia Breene Ready to hop to it? Just remember that in addition to these 10 minutes of aerobic activity, it's also important
From the geniuses that brought you Rebecca Black's "Friday" and, more recently, Nicole Westbrook's "Thanksgiving," meet Alison