The Wisconsin lawmaker says it would just cost too much.
A Philadelphia news anchor asked the vice president point-blank on Friday -- Juneteenth -- whether he’d be willing to say the words.
The president said he wanted to “dominate” American citizens. He now sees an opportunity.
“Every city worker, every student will have an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our history and the truth," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
The first lady was lambasted for previously accusing President Barack Obama of faking his birth certificate.
The day celebrating the end of slavery has extra significance this year.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said this week he would join Democrats on a Juneteenth bill.
The social media app created a filter to celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S., but many users criticized it as “ridiculous” and “awkward.”
Few say they learned anything about the holiday growing up, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
The president's latest violent threat toward demonstrators comes on Juneteenth, which anti-racism protesters plan to mark with peaceful marches.