junk mail

The Federal Election Commission is raising questions about reports filed by the biggest super PAC associated with Scott B. Mackenzie, who's listed as the treasurer of more than two dozen PACs.
LBL has noticed that her own life is being mirrored in the catalogs she receives. Years ago, she only received catalogs from Ikea. As her income increased, she began to receive Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware. Clothing catalogues that had been geared to exercise wear, now became focused more on comfort.
Junk drawers house an odd mix of the useful and the useless, the expensive and cheap, the urgent and the long forgotten, the one-time gadgets and the tools we use daily. And, really, there is nothing wrong with any of it. The question is: "Does your junk drawer work for you?"
Because he couldn't buy books or a bus pass to the library, he'd been reading ads.
Looking for tips for spaces inside your home? Try these brilliant room-by-room organizing tricks to help clear more clutter
A California writer received a highly unusual credit card offer from Bank of America this week: It was addressed to “Lisa is a Slut McIntire.”
While "Lisa" is her first name and "McIntire" is indeed her last, the "Is a Slut" part appeared to have been added by Bank
The announcement that the US Postal Service will deliver packages for Amazon on Sundays came just a few days after a federal judge halted USPS' sale of Stamford's historic downtown post office.
Out the door, now she is gone. I hold a small stack of mail that she's given me. It all seemed to happen so quickly. In a
I understand that America's catalog-and-junk-mail industry may be the only thing keeping the U.S. Postal Service afloat, but surely we can find a better use for our trees than turning them into pulp for millions of catalogs a day that go straight into the recycle bin.
No matter how diligent your efforts to get yourself off unwanted mailing lists, you're probably still going to get some junk mail. But it's good to know there are ways to significantly scale back the amount.
For a country in recession, it's dumb not to be cutting waste and promoting efficiency. Why make it hard for people not to waste stuff? And, why not start with the obviously dumb stuff, like junk mail being an opt-in proposition?
Imagine a world without junk mail. Now stop, because the one real one is about to have a lot more of it. One Post Office
This Earth Day, as people try to reduce their carbon footprints, they need not look any further than the junk in their mail boxes.
-When ordering a product or service or donating money via mail or over the phone, specify verbally or in writing that you
Americans receive nearly 90 billion pieces of advertising mail every year. With thousands of companies offering to share their mailing lists, that adds up to an information super highway where individuals are losing control.