The juror told media her sister wrote the post that got her kicked off the high-profile trial.
Trump's former campaign chairman ended up being found guilty on eight counts.
"Try that on a jury," quips former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara.
The Cosby trial jurors entered their fifth day of deliberations on Friday.
When it makes its decision, the Supreme Court should ensure that our jury system, hailed at our nation's founding as a sacred bulwark of liberty, is a protective barrier against such discrimination, not an agent of it.
On occasion, the judge shows up with a guitar and we freestyle jam about the case. It's really fun and takes some of the
Andrew Ellis - inspired by his uncle's noted accomplishments - pursued a career in law, and later founded Ellis Law Corporation
Juries in the state must unanimously impose the death penalty, a circuit judge ruled.
A "trial" is a testing. In the judicial context, the initial testing is to determine the facts - what happened and why did
All Americans have witnessed this past summer that the system had deep flaws and needs work from all of us to repair what is prejudiced, or cruel or wrong. But each day in countless ways, America works.
SHREVEPORT, La. — Here are some reasons prosecutors have offered for excluding blacks from juries: They were young or old
The way a convict's face is judged predicts the harshness of his or her punishment.
As legalization of cannabis moves from "Whether" to "How," revenue for government might be part of any reform law.
The Hernandez case confirms the adage that "confession is the queen of evidence." Even without a shred of physical evidence, an almost unanimous jury voted for conviction based on a 33-year-old statement, given by a man suffering from a personality disorder and limited intelligence.
Jury duty is a valuable form of community involvement. Without jurors there would be no jury trials, and without jury trials we would lose an effective and fair way to seek justice and hold members of the community accountable.
Last year's jury decisions in racially-charged investigations were only the most recent to reveal the schism in the country's perceptions of how race intersects with justice. From the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research archives, here is a look back over more than twenty years of data on race and the jury system.