jury trial

For 120 years, a jury only had to agree 10-to-2 to convict someone of a felony. Voters have a chance to change that.
While the impact of a person's race in the criminal justice system is the subject of intense debate among courts and commentators, there is no dispute that the race of a person investigated or accused of crime matters.
Allowing judges instead of juries to impose the death penalty violates the Sixth Amendment.
"It's kind of like waiting for your wife in the delivery room. You can't really do anything but wait and hope the baby comes
Jury service is the great equalizer and a reminder that none of us is above the court sanctioned judgment of another. If you have never sat in on a jury trial -- pick one and go. It's a real eye-opener.
One can hope Justice Kennedy's approach of seeing the world as it really functions, and not through ideological glasses, will incline him to be a swing vote to affirm the constitutionality of imposing insurance obligations for health care.