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W. Kamau Bell called his first standup comedy TV special Semi-Prominent Negro, but that tongue-in-cheek appellation is no
As the longtime "Roastmaster General" of the Friars Club and Comedy Central, Jeff Ross is typically the shocker, not the shockee. But even the comedian once described as a "one-man verbal assault unit" was stunned during an unplanned moment at the recent highly rated and hilariously raunchy roast of Justin Bieber.
"It depends, because the whole thing about The Green Room is the combination of talent. It's not enough to just have a handful of great comics. What I need, and what excites me about it, is putting a handful of comics together who are particularly interesting."
Colin Quinn has never been at a loss for words, and yet in 2011, he managed to do the impossible: Summarize the history of
KG: You've been pretty open on your podcast and on your television show about your professional jealousy of those who haven't
The former host of Tough Crowd took time to call out the industry -- producers, agents, managers et al -- for their questionable practices, one of which was the cancellation of Tough Crowd.
Wouldn't want anybody to steal that baby! If they went into a drawer and found that necklace, hopefully they would leave
You can read the full text of Oswalt's two letters at either The Comics Comic or Third Beat. Oswalt had the auspicious honor
BU is on a roll this summer. First a sophomore gets named the prettiest girl in America and now a rising senior gets named the funniest college kid in the country.
With June well under way, Chicago's summer festival season is too--and there's no shortage of events this weekend offering