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He had kept mum on the Supreme Court bench for a decade.
Society is not colorblind. Men like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson, though rising to the very pinnacles of society, must renounce the very safety net which helped propel them to such dizzying heights as the ticket to admission to the monochromatic conservative country club.
Appearing on Hardball hosted by Chris Matthews immediately after the Republican debate, former Senator Rick Santorum revealed some strange contortions regarding his understanding of the constitution
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas doesn't speak much on the job, but during an interview last month at Duquesne Law School
Nor should his denigration of his alma mater, Yale Law School, shock those familiar with Thomas' biography. The law school
On Monday morning, Justice Clarence Thomas broke nearly seven years of silence at Supreme Court oral arguments.
Compared to his fellow justices, Thomas, who has served on the Supreme Court since 1991, has always been reticent, but until
Harris-Perry tweeted on Friday, writing that she was unaware that many people took issue with her comments about Thomas. Over