Justice Democrats

The progressive lawmakers all shared the image of their group, which has grown from four to six.
Democrats will still control the House, but moderates are putting their progressive colleagues in the hot seat after a handful of centrists lost their races.
Clay, a 10-term incumbent, relies mostly on family to staff his campaign.
The left is getting more sophisticated at winning campaigns, and progressive Democratic primary challengers now have an “ecosystem” at their disposal.
Incumbent House members and establishment favorites are on the defensive as progressive hopefuls ride an activist upswell.
The Working Families Party and Justice Democrats announced a $500,000-plus advertising blitz to elect Democratic primary challenger Jamaal Bowman.
Against tougher odds, progressive candidates take their calls for a stronger social safety net online.
Rep. Henry Cuellar's reelection is "a victory for the status quo," according to a local politics expert.
Organize for Justice has initiated a $500,000 digital campaign against Biden and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
The initiative shows a united progressive front against the centrist candidates amid a fight between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.