justice system

Americans’ constitutional rights are being regularly violated, and the judiciary should step in to correct it, as it would in any similar situation.
Karen's life changed in February of 2007 when she was driving on the Interstate in Tampa, Florida. Without warning, a drunk
Janetta Louise Johnson is an Afro-American trans woman who was raised in Tampa, Florida. Since 2006, she has been organizing
So, you just went through the most traumatic moment of your life. All you want to do is forget that you were raped. Thankfully, you can. How? By balancing your budget!
What is happening!? What are we teaching our children? Outrage cannot equally represent my sentiments at this time. Judge
We always have prided ourselves on the American criminal justice system. It has been honored as embodying the principles of fairness, equity and due process. Trends over recent years oblige us to reexamine that belief. This commentary considers two juxtaposed reasons for doing so.
"This is apparently how long it takes to engineer denying justice to a family."
Black lives -- 13 of them -- finally mattered Thursday night as an Oklahoma City jury found former policeman Daniel Holtzclaw guilty of 18 criminal counts, including four counts of first-degree rape.
I wonder whether this latest ranking suggests that little or no incentive exists anymore for Americans to work as hard to
You keep telling people you're innocent. All you get in reply is, "Yeah, we hear that a lot." At that moment, each assumed he or she would be found innocent, because a guilty verdict was just too ridiculous to fathom. It would be the stuff of horror movies. Fiction. Then the jury foreman said, "Guilty."