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We do well to keep in mind the ubiquitous nature of betrayal that has been with us since the beginning of time and to recognize our capacity to betray and be betrayed.
Tasmanian-born singer-songwriter Audrey Auld had a wit and comedic style that added a joyful punctuation to her natural talent in crafting memorable country ballads. For many of us, it is still hard to believe she is gone.
We only have to study democratic versus dictatorial governments to learn that we thrive in environments of tolerance and
As the first chapter of his story comes to a close, and as humble as he may be, the hustle to finally be able to choose the material has come and the second act of his career is set to blossom.
White hat, black hat: Two men quick on the draw faced each other on a lonely road. It was an iconic image, a tip of the hat
Justified is a series that's been inexplicably off the radar of award shows and the eyeballs of a mass audience even as it grew tremendously in sophistication and quality since first airing on FX in March of 2010.
I never finished the fifth season of "Justified," in part because Michael Rappaport's role as a backwoods gangster was a
April 22: "The Americans" ends its third season on FX. April 6: Projected date of the "Better Call Saul" Season 1 finale
It's hard to believe that the strong-willed, ass-kicking paralegal Wendy Crowe on FX's Justified was once Cybill's sarcastic, celibate teenage daughter Zoey in the '90s sitcom Cybill.
So I decided to interview him before he becomes a major film star even though I know that after he does, he will still be accessible. Because Jim is well...Jim.
Another familiar face will pop up on Justified this season: Mary Steenburgen has signed in a recurring role on the FX drama
"Justified" will come to an end after the show's sixth season. This is a dark day for "Justified" fans but hopefully the
"Justified" always balances its humor and darkness beautifully, and it was in fine form this hour. TV.com's Tim Surette admitted
Justified's characterization has been one of the primary points of praise for the show, and, while acting shouldn't be disregarded, it is through subtext foremost that these characters become so instantly textured.
The clock is counting down to 2014, which means it's time for another "best of" list. This was a very, very good year if you like very, very good television.
Many returning shows outdid themselves this year.
"Community's" fifth season renewal has now been "Justified." Walton Goggins will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the
But Leonard's influence and ear for dialogue will remain part of the series, as the writers include Leonard's literary flourishes