Justin amash

"I think it is obvious that the president is no longer qualified to hold that office," said Michigan Republican Peter Meijer.
The congressman had planned to run as a Libertarian to more easily get on state ballots in the 2020 election.
The third-party presidential contender says he really wants to win, not wound, and that should scare both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. (But especially Biden.)
Rep. Justin Amash has announced he’s running for president as a Libertarian.
It's a surprise 2020 entry that's been a long time coming.
The slam follows Trump's boast on Fox News that Saudi Arabia is paying "$1 billion" to some "bank" to get U.S. soldiers.
The Michigan congressman is now an independent after Republicans drove him out of the party for criticizing Trump
Some Democrats want the ex-Republican to be a House manager, arguing that a conservative helping present the argument for impeachment will help their case.
It's not clear if Democrats plan to vote before the end of the year.
Figuring out there was a quid pro quo was "2+2," the ambassador said.