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         There’s always something exhilarating about watching an actor leap outside the box that Hollywood is desperately
Whatever special kinks spice up your sex life, the particular coupling of spanking and faith in Robert Askins' play Permission will having you laughing -- and googling "Christian domestic discipline" (CDD) at intermission. Who knew this was a real-life church-sanctioned practice?
During Sunday night’s New York Knicks game against the Cleveland Cavaliers MSG’s Jill Martin interviewed "The Hangover" star Justin Bartha, it was pretty uncomfortable.
Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were in attendance for the ceremony, which included under 20 guests at Kualoa
A well known nightclub on Bowery Street in New York City is making a come back. Not back on Bowery; this time on the big screen.
I heartily endorse the original Hangover. Now we've got Part III. And yes, I recognize that the Roman numeral is meant as a joke -- but I have to point out that it's about as funny as many of the gags in this uneven and busy film.
In HuffPost TV's exclusive clip above, we see the happy couple struggling with the logistics of wedding planning, adhering
Nonetheless, that pro-equality stance has incensed its share of right-wing groups. Last July, One Million Moms urged members
In "The Goldie Rush," Bomer plays Monty, one of Bryan's (Andrew Rannells') former exes. "He used to be a party guy, very
Justin Bartha's "mystery woman" is in fact his girlfriend, trainer Lia Smith, a source reveals to PEOPLE. The pair recently
Thanks to the magic of Twitter, we've got our first look at Matt Bomer's guest spot on NBC's "The New Normal," courtesy of
"The New Normal" is fast-tracking things this season, planning a big wedding for one of the main characters. But no, it's
Something unexpected happened last week while I was watching NBC's The New Normal, which after four episodes has distinguished itself as the best new sitcom of the fall season.
In the sneak peek below, it looks like Goldie (Georgia King) and Shania (Bebe Wood) have found a new home in LA and Nana
Justin Bartha: “She’s a great example of the fact that we cover a wide variety -- every viewpoint is addressed in the pilot
Unsurprisingly, a laundry list of stereotypes are deployed and "abnormals" are mocked throughout "The New Normal's" first episode; it's like a season of "Glee" in concentrated form.