justin bieber acting out

Here it is ... hard proof Justin Bieber is a revolting, germ-spreading spitter. Read more on TMZ
Justin Bieber has had a rough time lately, dealing with reports about his recent behavior by lashing out in various Twitter outbursts. Youyoung Lee joins Alicia to discuss.
Bieber admits that Twitter is an important outlet for him, especially when it comes to connecting with his fans -- and bringing
Though the 19-year-old has repeatedly denied he's having any such issues, TMZ claims it's all due to his heartbreak over
In character as the President of Miley's fan club, he chided Cyrus (played by Vanessa Bayer) for being friends with "that
The Biebs' mother might be getting her wish, since the former pop star couple are rumored to have made up yet again. On Saturday
Are we really surprised to hear that the world's biggest teenage pop star is acting out? Actually, yes we are surprised, since