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Justin Bieber and Miami Beach prosecutors will NOT strike a plea deal in his DUI case ... and sources connected with the
Justin Bieber is seen getting frisked by Miami Beach police in a newly released surveillance video (see above). Tests later
Justin Bieber's current string of arrests, mishaps and hijinks is annoying. It isn't sad or unfortunate; it's irritating. Sorry Beliebers.
The Justin Bieber toxicology report from his DUI arrest in Miami Beach is in ... and it shows he tested positive for marijuana
A petition calling on President Barack Obama to deport Justin Bieber has been signed by thousands of American citizens.
13. My Cell 2.0 4. When I Grow Up (I Wanna Be OJ) 3. DUI Love You 11. Baby (Is What They Called Me) Bonus Tracks: 2. Fell
TMZ also reports Bieber's blood alcohol content was 0.014 percent -- a considerably low amount, the outlet notes -- at the
What has shocked and dismayed me is the widespread Schadenfreude, the intense pleasure in Bieber's misfortunes, at his unfolding "comeuppance." What I'm seeing reminds me of homophobia. Now, that may seem a stretch to some, but hear me out.
Bieber has gotten himself in a bit of trouble. As a result, Beliebers have gone haywire. They've been rushing to defend their idol on social media websites like Twitter. The worst and best part is that they seem to be running out of excuses for their idol's behavior.
Back in April, Bass shared similar feelings about Bieber when he told Piers Morgan "with fame comes entitlement." He added