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And in case you're getting tired of Bieber doing all the pranking, we've got good news for you: DeGeneres scared the crap
Justin Bieber sure thinks highly of himself. After being outed as a brat in his deposition tape, Bieber has taken his inflated ego to Instagram where he's posted a photo himself posed as James Dean. Wearing a white T-shirt with a distant gaze and a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, Bieber captioned the photo: "This is James Dean inspired. Don't ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don't."
Justin Bieber sure thinks highly of himself. After being outed as a brat in his deposition tape, Bieber has taken his inflated
True to his promise to "swag on" people, Justin Bieber made two fangirls very happy when he gifted them their very own iPhones
According to E! News, Bieber's camp is urging him to seek help, and he plans to return home to California as soon as possible
There are a lot of young female fans out there who would love to be Justin Bieber's "one less lonely girl," and he's giving
Celebrities cry bullying all the time from the media. They forget how they got to be famous in the first place. They think the media is hard on them, but they do not realize comments or actions they do in the first place to get publicity. Next time when you cry bullying Beebs -- look in the mirror.
If Bieber was trying to avoid being on camera while in Hawaii, he failed. A video was posted of the Biebes and his "zero
Justin Bieber is so super edgy, what with all his new South American friends and his zero f*ck giving and his cliff diving
Other hotels purportedly didn't want to take in the 19-year-old singer, either, knowing the hoards of fans would follow. The
Just imagine: Bieber fever everywhere, music blasting, fans crying, thousands of teenage girls screaming. What? That doesn't
Justin Bieber had to deal with one such overzealous fan last night at a nightclub in Toronto, Canada, reports TMZ. The website
In a surprising turn of events, Justin Bieber has done something good for humanity. No pee buckets. No call to piracy arms
Here it is ... hard proof Justin Bieber is a revolting, germ-spreading spitter. Read more on TMZ
I need to be honest about something right from the jump: I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber (*braces for the full wrath of the Bieliebers*).
Justin Bieber has had a rough time lately, dealing with reports about his recent behavior by lashing out in various Twitter outbursts. Youyoung Lee joins Alicia to discuss.
Bieber admits that Twitter is an important outlet for him, especially when it comes to connecting with his fans -- and bringing
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"Security was trying to convince us to leave. I think they don't want to be working in the snow," she said. "They were like
Justin Bieber, innocent idol or sneaky groper? According to his rep, his fans, and even the girl he supposedly groped, it's