justin jedlica

"We’re committed to surgery, and won’t stop until we’ve achieved our dream look.”
Jedlica also had implants sown into his back during his recent operation. He says he's looking to get quadriceps and calf
Jedlica has even taken control of his surgeries by designing his own bicep implant, as he showcases in the above video. His
It's unclear if this interview took place before or after the GQ Magazine article on Lukyanova, but what was most noteworthy
"Right now, the only thing stopping me going to a size L or M is that no surgeons in the U.S. are willing to operate on me
TLC's show "My Strange Addiction" explores shocking behaviors and obsessions. We are joined by Dr. Mike Dow and plastic surgery fanatic Justin Jedlica.
Why stop at the human ideal when toys and action figures have even more impressive physiques? That's the question Justin
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When the two living dolls met up in New York City at a recent photo shoot, Barbie blasted Ken, according to British tabloid