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For this extra-special installment we're joined by special guest (and former co-host) Sean Coyle! After reminiscing about
All due props to Pegg & Jung's script, and all due props to Justin Lin makes his entry into big budget sci-fi. As helmer
The actor, who plays Leonard McCoy in the upcoming film, describes what it's like to work with Justin Lin and J.J. Abrams.
I'll admit I haven't watched the various reinventions of the TV series, those multiple spinoffs and a myriad of films that I cannot possibly name or count. Until this one, I'm sure.
The next "Star Trek" movie will be called "Star Trek Beyond." This from director Justin Lin, the longtime Fast & Furious
Matt: And yet, I'll cut the show some slack because, after all, it is only the first episode. I haven't watched the other
With the tragic and unexpected death of star Paul Walker in late 2013, the Fast & Furious franchise was hit with a nearly insurmountable challenge heading into its seventh lap. The franchise's minders deserve all the props in the world for pulling it off with Furious 7.
There was some heartening news over the holidays for those of us who are longtime Star Trek fans. And there was some alarming news, none of which has been mitigated since.
Between last episode and this one, The Interview went from a planned wide release to a cancelled release to a limited release to an online release. Phew!