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Marty Singer told Deadline on Wednesday that the alleged events described by the "Zoey 101" actor "never happened.”
The actor called her his "now-wife" just a month after announcing their engagement.
Appearing on Barrymore's talk show this week, Bosworth assured the host that the warm feelings are mutual.
The two actors met in 2021 while working on the horror-comedy "House of Darkness."
"He laughed the way he acted," the "Barbarian" actor wrote alongside a throwback photo of himself with Hoffman, who died in 2014.
The host of "The Drew Barrymore Show" said it felt great to champion her ex: "It’s so respecting of what once was."
"The Good Place" actress talked about a recent argument on the “Life Is Short With Justin Long” podcast.
Long, who starred in the "Get A Mac" campaign, explained the serious truth behind Jobs' rationale.
Long opens up about what he wanted to do before he was bitten by the acting bug.