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Storytellers need to ask themselves whether they are bolstering a stereotype or moving the conversation forward.
"Black people cannot dismantle a system of race that we didn’t create and have no say in," Justin Simien said.
The show's stars and director speak about what it was like taping one the season's most harrowing scenes.
For a full list of Indie Spirit Award winners, head here. Starring Tessa Thompson, Teyonah Parris and Tyler James Williams
Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream for racial equality in America has certainly made progress towards becoming a reality. However
Dear Justin Simien, thank you for your film Dear White People. Oh sure, it was a bit critical of race relations. But it was smart, funny and energetic. The movie could have been even more trenchant. But it didn't exactly tiptoe through the minefield either.
Dear White People's flawed and fabulous female leads remind us that when it comes to our individual path to identity and self, we can either be the directors of our own lives or be directed -- the choice is entirely ours.
Dear White People is sure to become both a cult hit and a staple on college campuses across the country, and I'm glad for it since the movie ultimately ends with more questions than answers. And with an issue as multi-faceted as racism, that is as it should be.
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