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"I am tackling suicide in my next feature documentary series," he said. Sisely said the series is being shopped to TV networks
GALLERY: CATARINA MIGLIORINI: (Story continues below.) WARNING: Some photos may be NSFW Migliorini doesn't know if she will
The woman who became an Internet sensation by auctioning off her virginity for $780,000 now says that she was tricked and exploited -- and that she's still a virgin. David Moye joins Alex Ferrara and Marc to discuss.
The widely publicized virgin auction of Brazilian Catarina Migliorini to a Japanese man for $780,000 has inspired Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely to create a reality TV series around virgin auctions.
Bernardo's mom isn't happy with the decision, telling CNN, “She should look for work. She shouldn’t prostitute herself.” "There
George Flint, lobbyist for many of Nevada's brothels, said "bringing women across state lines" for prostitution could put