Thirty-nine state attorneys generals plan to examine the popular e-cigarette company's marketing and sales practices.
The popular e-cigarette company banned vaping at most of its U.S. offices, but employees are defying the rules.
The state's Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Juul, the U.S. market leader in e-cigarettes, engages in practices that are endangering children's lives.
President Trump says he plans to raise the age restriction on e-cigarettes to “21 or so.”
The effort to overturn the ban suffered when e-cigarette company Juul pulled out of the campaign.
The company voluntarily stopped selling mango, crème, fruit and cucumber flavors — which account for less than 10% of Juul's sales.
The vaping company had donated nearly $19 million to the Proposition C campaign.
K.C. Crosthwaite, who previously served as chief growth officer for tobacco company Altria, will replace Kevin Burns.
The e-cigarette maker is under increasing scrutiny as the death toll linked to vaping rises.
The company's decision follows a wave of vaping-linked illnesses — and several deaths — throughout the nation.