Juvenile delinquency

No child as young as this one has been accused in a mass killing since at least 2006.
A case in Maryland illustrates how states are struggling to keep up with the changing realities of teenage behavior.
Members of the city’s Board of Supervisors introduced a measure to shutter the youth detention facility within three years.
In most states, there’s no minimum age for juvenile detention.
Child advocates say it's an important victory given the Trump administration's tough-on-crime rhetoric.
The boy suffered minor injuries after crashing his mom's SUV.
The changes reflect an agenda that ignores racial inequality.
The disturbing practice of separating children from their families isn't limited to migrants.
As a child abuse and domestic violence advocate, I've worked comfortable in the knowledge I was on the 'right' side of the crime -- until this spring when I found myself advocating for a 13-year-old African-American Dallas boy accused of sexual assault. He was a victim, too.
Access to counsel for children means more than representation in court. It means having an advocate who will value clients
Why are we wasting time apportioning blame before the problem is fixed and the poor children and families of Flint have fresh, clean water to drink and cook with and bathe in?
But when a 17-year-old commits a crime, is he or she considered a juvenile or an adult? The answer to that depends on the state in which the crime was committed. Increasingly, individual states are enacting laws that recognize 17-year-olds as juveniles, reversing laws that suggested they are adults.
If we don't incarcerate young people in conflict with the law, what do we do with them? The answer is simple: We care for and invest in our young people; resource families and communities to safely hold youth accountable; invest in each young person's success, and; address the root causes of youth crime in the communities where the youth live, all in the context of their homes and neighborhoods.
Support for criminal justice reform from people like Paul and Koch bodes well for the Youth PROMISE Act's chances of passage
As the system is currently structured, the majority are ordered "home on probation," which involves regular visits with a probation officer while a youth either lives at home or in a court-ordered "suitable placement" with a relative or in a group home. But are these probation programs working?
Twenty years ago, however, there was a different "truth" about youthful offenders. That "truth" was that the United States was on the brink of a crime wave committed by juvenile "superpredators."
NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut -- Luisa Cintron, 25, is sitting up as straight as she can, perched on the edge of the neatly made
Those who seek to limit or prohibit safe, legal abortion need to understand the damaging consequences for the unwanted children, their mothers, and society.
My Saturday ritual? Every Saturday I wake up early to surf with a group of kids locked up in a juvenile detention center in my hometown of Valparaiso, Chile. It's by far the best day of my week.
Kipapa and her husband, Kurt, were long-time foster parents for dozens of children over the years, according to KHON2. The