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In Santa Barbara County, the fires and mudslides are among the worst disasters in county history.
Of course, the age-appropriateness of everything is kept in mind.
A quarter of U.S. parents fear for their children's safety while at school, according to a Gallup survey.
"Strong girls need to be writing strong pieces about other strong women in our communities."
“Anyone ... can see that the purpose of this is to promote Christianity," said a lawyer for the legal branch of the American Humanist Association.
On Dec. 23, 2017, KOB.com (Albuquerque) published an article concerning the survival of the Southwest Aeronautics Mathematics
Congress passed an enormous tax cut package this week and President Trump will sign it into law today. The GOP has been taking
I know it’s popular to believe that the private sector is a paragon of efficiency and government is simply waste, fraud and abuse, but it is simply not true.
“To my 14-year-old, a lockdown drill is just ‘a thing.’ It’s just like a fire drill.”
Sexual harassment starts well before women enter the workplace.
They spoke to HuffPost about grieving, dealing with conspiracy theorists and trying to make the world a better place.
By Carolyn Jones As schools nationwide take on the most comprehensive overhaul of science standards in 20 years, a school
The law says these students deserve to learn. In some districts, parents say that's not happening.