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Pity poor Washington. No doubt breaking the hearts of elected and appointed government officials, their staffs and hangers-on, a blog at the Center for Responsive Politics reports that the "influence industry appears to be contracting, and the trend continued in 2015."
With million-dollar investments on K Street, Arab autocrats make it difficult for those they dislike to get a hearing in D.C.
ICE has taken steps to better accommodate LGBT detainees. The agency on Monday revealed plans to allow transgender detainees
This is what ex-members of Congress and their staffs do nowadays. Rarely do they follow the example of ancient Rome's Cincinnatus and go back to the farm -- or take that teaching job at the local university or join a hometown law practice. They stay in DC to reap the bountiful harvest that comes from Capitol Hill experience and good old fashioned cronyism.
WASHINGTON -- Once a year, Washington parties like it's Hollywood. Now this annual shindig, the White House Correspondents
The framers debated the meaning of corruption at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and Americans have been arguing about it ever since. Today, gifts to politicians that were once called graft or bribes are called contributions.
In Washington, or any town where money is often valued above all else, the act of moving dollars out of fossil fuels and into sustainable, renewable options is a powerful demonstration of values.
Eric Cantor's upset shows that big money doesn't always win, and that K St-bashing populism wins elections. Let's hope that Democrats across the country take that to heart and fight back against the big money flooding their races.
Nice to see that the left and right have met middle ground on the minimum wage issue. But Grover Norquist's true legacy isn't his anti-tax stand but his "pro-1 Percent" efforts .
In a Pulitzer-prize winning article for ProPublica, reporter Jesse Eisinger revealed that Magnetar helped create “arcane
Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber's UberX program are coming under intense pressure across the country from municipal
It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I found myself hanging around the House-side entrance to the Capitol building, hoping
To read the Sunlight Foundation's full roster of 249 former members of the House and congressional aides who have become
Former Senator Blanche Lincoln Teams Up With Monsanto, Walmart
Senator Max Baucus has decreed a minimum 50 years of secrecy for negotiations over revamping the federal tax code. It's not the information itself that must remain under lock and key, but which senator is supporting what massive corporate giveaway -- that's what has to remain secret.
At around 10:00 p.m. on May 16, Dereck Audrey started crossing the street from the southeast corner of K Street and Connecticut
It's hard to go back to representing bankers when you have just been prosecuting them. To get at the root of our problems, we're going to have hold K Street accountable, not just government.