They'd both been married before -- their three kids each were from prior to this relationship -- and made the decision to
Tracking police dog Magnum, age 8, tracked down a child rapist who fled through a house. After clearing the building and
When he gets outside he has only one mission: sprint fast, straight ahead, until he hits a wall or other solid barrier. He
With the latest news about controversies of Navy SEAL Mark Owen writing a book about killing Osama bin Laden, and the naming of former SEALs involved in the mission, SEALs are on everyone's mind.
A Grand Jury failed to indict K9 Officer Stafford Brister for attacking a man with this dog.
Your dog is quite literally "led around by the nose" -- her own nose, that is. What Dogs Can Participate in Nose Work? Some
Anyone with information on Bak's disappearance and death is asked to contact Moore police at 405-793-5171. "We sent him off
Listening to the stories of several passengers, its clear in the first few hours after the removal of Mr. Mutallab from the airplane, some basic safety precautions were not taken.
A Youth Radio investigation has found that between 2004 and 2006, sailors in the U.S. Navy's Bahrain Military Working Dogs Division, or "The Kennel," were subjected to an atmosphere of sexual harassment, psychological humiliation, and physical assaults.