As the world focuses on the war in Syria, the refugee crisis in Europe, and the primary slugfest in the United States, the
For more than half a millennium, this narrow alleyway in the heart of Seoul stretched for several kilometers. Today, only a tiny stretch of Pimatgol remains, along with a wooden gate that leads into a half-block of modern storefronts. The fate of Pimatgol reflects the forward-looking trajectory of South Korea.
Korean human rights activists send all sorts of things by balloon across the border into North Korea. Despite the volume of these deliveries, it's not clear whether much of the contraband makes it into the hands of the intended recipients. What is clear, however, is that the North Korean government is very unhappy about this activism.
The reality of the Korean peninsula is, of course, vastly more complicated than these either-or contrasts. Stop thinking of the peninsula as two completely distinct halves, with barbed wire running down the middle.
These days, unless you're Dennis Rodman, there's a slim chance you'd be able to experience North Korea to its fullest. The Hermit Kingdom is notoriously closed-off to foreigners, keeping its secrets under tight control of the totalitarian state.
"We are normal," a former North Korean black marketeer who now lives in Seoul once told Sullivan. "Please don’t forget this
Lee Sang-man, a professor at South Korea's ChungAng University and an expert on North Korea's economy, said the timing of
The reopening of Kaesong is seen as addressing the political interests of the democratic South and the economic interests
The Kaesong Industrial Complex, opened north of the border in 2004 as a rare symbol of cooperation, has been shut indefinitely
SEOUL, April 9 (Reuters) - South Korean President Park Geun-hye said on Tuesday North Korea would hurt its credibilty as
Tensions have been rising since the United Nations imposed new sanctions against the North after Pyongyang carried out its
For those whose commute to work already involved a trip across the world's most heavily fortified border and into one of
SEOUL, April 3 (Reuters) - North Korean authorities were not allowing any South Korean workers into a joint industrial park
For a manufacturing giant, the Hyundai deal was a dream: plenty of space for factories, room for worker housing and a population