Hearings are underway to investigate the background of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, but who's investigating the backgrounds
"Again," Gibbs added, "I think she was clear and she was forthcoming and I think she is not only going to be approved by
Far from turning into a "vapid and hollow charade," to use Elena Kagan's now-famous condemnation of other Supreme Court confirmation
Oops. On the second day of hearings yesterday, Kagan, like Justices Thomas, Breyer, Ginsburg, Roberts, Alito, and Sotomayor
Specter, who voted against the confirmation of Kagan to her current post of Solicitor General in part because she was not
Now a nominee for the Supreme Court, Kagan affirmed on Tuesday that as a justice she would rule as unconstitutional laws
As the formal stages begin for the confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, the most noteworthy element seems
On Monday, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is facing members the Senate Judiciary Committee on the opening day of her confirmation
In other words: as time has gone on, fewer people are aware of this potential lifetime appointment to the Court. Kagan, of
"I think the first thing we need to decide is, is she committed to the rule of law even if she may not like the law?" he