Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) has decided to support Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination, writing in a US Today editorial
As the formal stages begin for the confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, the most noteworthy element seems
News reports, he said, "run the risk of simplifying complex constitutional issues beyond recognition." "In other words," he
But Republicans weren't ready to rule out a contentious confirmation process should Kagan end up being chosen. Graham, himself
"I think the president should withdraw it," he said. "You don't need a lot of hearings. The very fact that she led the effort
Conservatives and Republicans are no strangers to the use of code words and bigotry in their attacks on progressives. What's rare is when they unveil those vile tendencies for the world to see.
Indeed, by being upfront about her views, Kagan would establish a hugely important precedent, even before joining the court
Bill Wilson, of Americans for Limited Government, drew the analogy quickly after the announcement was made: [O]ne reason
Despite inevitable criticism from both sides of the aisle, Sen. Leahy appeared optimistic about Kagan's chances of becoming