The decision, passed down in a simple 11-word sentence (included at the bottom of this post) means that the Affordable Care
During this time of celebration, we have concrete evidence of how much progress the country has made and can make. But we cannot lose sight of how much more remains to be achieved.
Elena Kagan made it through the confirmation process to become the fourth female justice ever to serve on the Supreme Court
Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), a key administration ally (though traditionally on foreign policy issues) issued the following
Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination marks the culmination of an illustrious career in both academia and government. Before
President Obama is expected to nominate Solicitor General and former Harvard Law dean Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court on
She sat as editorial chairman of "The Prince," Princeton's campus publication during her junior and senior years, a position
Hearings are underway to investigate the background of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, but who's investigating the backgrounds
Far from turning into a "vapid and hollow charade," to use Elena Kagan's now-famous condemnation of other Supreme Court confirmation
Let's just consider purely Elena Kagan's job that she is being disparaged for: Elena Kagan clerked for a Supreme Court Justice. That's it. Period.