My Fellow Americans: If you, Electors, cast a majority of your ballots for us, I will immediately, within a second of stating
Mike Pence: "You and Hillary Clinton would know about an insult driven campaign."
The single biggest asset, though, that a VP pick brings to any presidential table is that he or she can turn on more voters than their potential boss can or has turned off no matter what part of the country they hail from, their gender, or their rank in the party. Pence and Kaine were tapped precisely because both were seen as being able to accomplish that tricky feat.
But it's not just Trump supporters, or Sanders supporters who say they'll vote for Trump because their tribe is so invested
Does the "Queen Bee scenario" really "make so much sense here?" Sure! Provided you have not read any of the stories that
Dragas' obsession with rapid change is part of a corporate management philosophy called "strategic dynamism" also advocated
On Wednesday, faculty members hosted a vigil for Sullivan on the school's Lawn -- an iconic gathering place where graduation
The Virginia Democrat, who is fresh off a personal vacation and resuming his chairman responsibilities, reportedly told a
Republicans' calls to start from scratch on health reform legislation "is like Dr. Kevorkian giving you healthcare advice
So if the suspense is killing you: check out the hangars and mechanic sites. Remember 2004 (I know it's painful)? It's true