A poll finds a majority also believe access to adequate treatment is a major issue.
These clinicians have an ethical obligation to advocate for their patients to ensure that they get the care they need in Kaiser's increasingly corporatized and impersonal health care system.
Metro Community Provider Network, a community health center in Denver, has handled 2,000 new patients so far this year, thanks
Because of my income, I also wanted to compare Obamacare to the open market. Having read a lot of teeth-gnashing by people who felt cheated on both sides of the equation, I thought it was the responsible thing to do.
And the time is right. "Forbes named vegan food the #1 food trend," says Sarno. "Kaiser put out a white paper urging their
Studies have shown that the children who come to kindergarten best equipped to learn to read have been read to -- on average -- nearly 1700 hours between birth and kindergarten.
We imprison far more of our minority citizens than our white citizens. That set of facts is well known. What isn't well known is another extremely important but almost entirely invisible fact about our prisoners. They can't read.
When a health plan, especially with its own delivery system, as Kaiser has, carries the responsibility for a population of people, working or poor, young or old, healthy or sick, they can't pick and choose.
These are the kinds of effectiveness questions that will be pursued with the federal research money at institutions around
Round Two at Kaiser? Last August, CNA and NUHW formed an "Alliance of Kaiser Unions" dedicated to "raising standards for