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A new poll tells us more about who isn’t getting the vaccine -- and why.
Underfunded health departments say they lack staff, funds, and tools to educate U.S. about vaccines.
Americans who need medical care for coronavirus infections face thousands of dollars in medical bills — even if they have health insurance.
More than 150 million Americans rely on job-based health insurance, which has gotten much more expensive in the past 10 years.
Some of the most popular counter-arguments make voters skittish.
Beyond specialized medical care, younger children have different food and housing needs and require more personal attention.
The hospice care that people expect — and sign up for — sometimes disappears when they need it most.
A little homework now can save you money on employer-based coverage.
Big Pharma went on a political spending spree the next day.
An obscure Obamacare provision forces rural hospitals to pay full price for drugs that many bigger hospitals buy at deeply discounted rates.
But the scientific process may stop him in his tracks.
What these polls don’t always differentiate is voters who actually have to buy their insurance.
"It’s hard to view this as anything but a substantial win for pharma."
Citing increased health-insurance costs under Obamacare, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) stated on a conservative radio show Tuesday