Kaitlan Collins

The New York Times reporter sounded the alarm on Trump's staffing and policy plans in an interview on CNN.
The anchor pushed back at Scott Gessler after he declared that the former president made one effort to "prevent" violence at the Capitol.
Kaitlan Collins pushed back at Jim Trusty after he mentioned the ex-president's "grounds for frustration."
The CNN anchor declared that the Florida governor never talks “about Trump himself” as she pressed him to weigh in on the former president’s character.
CNN's Kaitlan Collins questioned Pence about Gen. Mark Milley, the outgoing chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, seemingly criticizing Donald Trump.
The former president's onetime attorney said his old boss is facing some brutal math.
"Isn’t it supposed to be the evidence that leads you to pursue impeachment?" CNN's Kaitlan Collins asked Rep. Nancy Mace.
The GOP presidential candidate's "Kaitlain, Kaitlan, Kaitlan, Kaitlan, Kaitlan" reply to the female anchor got social media observers mad mad mad mad mad.
Trump's former personal attorney said his old boss is making a huge legal mistake.
Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan didn't hold back when asked about the latest spin from an attorney for the former president.