When in 2014 I cycled across southern California I passed near Mt. Baldy, where Cohen spent years in solitary pursuit of Zen enlightenment. Gazing at the snow-capped mountain not far from L.A., I smiled remembering Cohen's observation that he spent endless hours there shoveling snow.
We don't often consider how our collective guilt extends the cruelty and division in the world. Perhaps the polarity between
It's back to school across the U.S., which means it's time to fill out the lists of school supplies you're never quite sure your child really needs. This can mean an expensive influx of bills, but thankfully, a number of group have rallied to the aid of kids in need, which in turns helps quell the school-to-prison pipeline.
A crash that killed five cyclists in Michigan has activists calling for streets that are safe for everyone.
On Tuesday, June 7th a group of middle-aged cyclists took off for a weekly ride. Only a half hour into their ride they were
Five people were killed and four were injured.
Mental illness was not among the main topics discussed by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the most recent Democratic debate in Flint. Nevertheless, the instances in which it arose were the two moments I remember best.
As a father, my mind is spinning. I'm thinking about being 12 years old and hearing the news of Columbine -- being shocked at this historic atrocity and wondering how this could ever happen. And, I am thinking about how my son will grow up with this scene as a normal state of living.
Kalamazoo is a vibrant, cool city with a creative community, a promise of college to our youth, and neighbors who support one another. Kalamazoo is not -- and will never be -- synonymous with senseless violence.