kale recipes

What makes a food super? It has to be packed with nutrients and good for your health. It also has to be delicious! From Asian Kale Slaw with Ginger Peanut Dressing to Tart & Tangy Fro-Yo, these recipes prove that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.
When I'm invited to a picnic, I'm almost certain there won't be many options for me -- I don't eat sandwiches or crisps, I try to avoid chocolate and cakes, and so might nibble on some fruit and maybe the odd piece of chocolate if I desperately want it. Putting together a small tray of healthy options, however, need not be complex and mind-boggling.
Kale candy? I know -- those words don't seem like they belong together. But these Maple Sesame Kale Chips really are as addicting
And slowly massage the kale for a minute or so (or up to five for curly or red kale), until it turns a deep velvety green
If the superstar leafy veggie just isn't your thing in salads, try these unexpected dishes, where the flavor is slightly
Kale Pesto Recipe by Catherine McCord of Weelicious Pesto is the perfect quick fix for an otherwise boring weeknight dinner
For a wintery alternative, slowly braise kale until it becomes soft and silky.
"There’s really only two ways to prepare kale: Sadly or self-righteously."