kama sutra

In Bianca Tschaikner's sassy book Minisutra, queer couples and straight couples get equal billing.
When any teacher-student or dominant-submissive relationship becomes infused with selfishness, someone inevitably becomes
This post first appeared on Joeycake. That's when I got this genius idea: I can wax myself! I'm nicer than a mean Russian
She overuses the % sign on her computer keyboard. Twice in the last week I caught her swooning in a mattress store. To make
If I could go back in time just two years I would give my pre-pregnant self some of the best advice I think a new mother could give a soon-to-be mother. I would not be daunting or overly dramatic (which as a Cancerian and a comedian I do have a flare for.) I would be kind, but brutally honest.
Indie bookstores like Skylight and surviving libraries are resilient. Perhaps even more so than the digital books on our e-tablets.
Is it possible to maintain attraction without chemistry? Perhaps the ancient world can provide some insight.
On the other hand, sometimes it's gummy bears, who starred in a fruit-flavored Kama Sutra tribute back in 2009. These photos
I have never experienced simultaneous orgasm. And the closest I've ever come to levitation is that time I went into a headstand in yoga class, fell over, and magically landed in king pigeon pose. But I can share with you five ways in which yoga can improve your sex life.
Suffice it to say that sex "in my sixties" is not quite the same as sex was "during the sixties." Not that I don't still have sex, but after thirty years of marriage, I now embrace the concept of "cuddling with benefits" rather than the "Free Love" spirit of my hippie days.
If you've already got the perfect present for your hubby, let's hope it isn't on this list. This is stuff we just DON'T need...
How is the Kama Sutra seen today? Is it of any interest apart from the scholarly or the prurient? Can it have a wider appeal?
You don't need to be a genius to tell whether your spouse is being unfaithful. The signs are usually pretty obvious. But some people are just plain dense.
It is the world's most famous sex manual, but the Kama Sutra has always had a flaw: it is impossible to follow the instructions
That's why I'm excited that we're collaborating with Sony on an exclusive electronic version of my dad's Kama Sutra. You
Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. I would like to share some insights on sex and spirituality.