kama sutra

In Bianca Tschaikner's sassy book Minisutra, queer couples and straight couples get equal billing.
Contrary to popular belief, in order to gain positive psychological or spiritual benefits, neither sadomasochism, nor yoga
"Architecture porn" just got literal.
The moral of this story? For the love of all that's good, don't try this at home. And since the professional options are
I quit the health club. I need more exercise like a moose needs a hat rack. She's read all of Shakespeare's plays, searching
If I could go back in time just two years I would give my pre-pregnant self some of the best advice I think a new mother could give a soon-to-be mother. I would not be daunting or overly dramatic (which as a Cancerian and a comedian I do have a flare for.) I would be kind, but brutally honest.
Indie bookstores like Skylight and surviving libraries are resilient. Perhaps even more so than the digital books on our e-tablets.
Is it possible to maintain attraction without chemistry? Perhaps the ancient world can provide some insight.
The illustrated sex guide, which came into the public eye last month, was written by "Sock Monkey philosopher" Vatsyayana