Is this latest terror wave a last gasp, or a game changer designed to rattle attackers?
The fast acting Captain who turned the Missouri and saved Joe's life could not have done so if there hadn't been an officer on board who could recognize at an instant that the planes coming fast and low belonged to the enemy.
Joe and Bud live just about twelve miles apart but they've never met. That might not be a big surprise if they weren't among a vanishing breed of surviving U.S. WW II veterans.
In related news, Felicia Thurgood of New Salem has announced that she will be recalling her 16-year-old son, Derek, who recently failed out of his third high school.
The upcoming vote on health care reform may be Obama's Waterloo. But will he come out of it a defeated Napoleon. Or alternatively, a victorious Wellesley?
There's no bookstore in the Ditmars section of Astoria. We don't need one. Harry puts the words out on the street -- his bookstand has been in the same spot for nearly a quarter century.