kangaroo care

The infants' mother hopes their endearing sight will give hope to other parents with premature babies.
Touch is one of the first senses to develop while the baby is still in the womb (between 7-8 weeks gestation). From their earliest weeks, babies depend on touch for exploring their world. Touch is so important that some consider skin to be the external nervous system.
Skin-to-skin contact between parent and baby is sometimes called "kangaroo care," for its likeness to the way kangaroos hold
2013-01-18-Screenshot20130118at9.50.53AM.jpgI have been volunteering for many years for charity organization UNICEF, and just a few weeks ago, I traveled to Haiti to learn more about the recovery efforts.
The Boston-based Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment project, which serves HIV/AIDS patients, is modeled on a community