Harrowing scenes showing fleeing kangaroos, burnt koalas and dead birds have appeared on social media.
National parks and epic scenery Sunsets and sunrises are notoriously beautiful in Tasmania. Binalong Bay on the east coast
The man sends one blow to the marsupial's face, immediately stopping the animal in its place.
Don't we all have enough to worry about already?
It turns out that two nights previously, when I was out stalking kangaroos with Fletcher, his men were here at Pinnacle stalking
It's smaller than you might think, and surprisingly hard to find.
In Australia, the commercial slaughter of millions of adult kangaroos for food results in countless dependent youngsters, also called joeys, left to suffer and die because their mothers have been killed. The study about which I write below refers to killing the joeys who have lost, or will lose their mothers, as euthanasia, which it is not.