Drs. Herbert Hodes and Traci Nauser, a father-daughter pair who provide abortions in Kansas, served as the plaintiffs in
The legislation, which redefines the dilation and evacuation procedure as "dismemberment abortion," is part of a campaign
The state Senate passed the bill in February, so it now heads to Gov. Sam Brownback (R), a vehement opponent of reproductive
An amendment proposed by state Sen. Marci Francisco (D) changing that language and removing several restrictions on abortion
While 2011 went down in history as the worst year for women's reproductive rights, 2013 has officially become the second worst, as Republican state lawmakers passed 70 new abortion restrictions into law across the United States.
While 2011 went down in history as the worst year for women's reproductive rights, 2013 has officially become the second
"We all knew that we were operating in a fishbowl," she told HuffPost earlier this month. “I made [those records] skimpy
“I've had enough,” she said. "If I had to do it again, I wouldn't do it without an army." If the court rules in Neuhaus' favor
"With the new conceal carry laws enacted since the closure of the Tiller Abortion Facility, the number of armed people present
Although the Wichita Planning Commission voted against rezoning and Burkhart calls it "a moot point," the Wichita City Council
North Carolina: The Promised Land? GOP state Reps. Carl Ford and Harry Warren jointly proposed a bill Monday that would allow
"This fulfills the legislative intent to create a pro-life state," said Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director of Kansans
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has said that he will sign any bill restricting abortions that reaches his desk, the Kansas
The bill received support from other parts of the state's anti-abortion community during the hearing, including testimony
"I am disappointed but not surprised by the House's vote," Kansas NOW lobbyist Elise Higgins told The Huffington Post. "I
Using the logic and tactics of the anti-abortion activists, however, there is nothing to say that states -- or even local communities -- can't take that legal right and make it as unavailable as possible.
A Kansas legislative committee advanced a sweeping anti-abortion bill Thursday after removing a provision that would have
Not all conservative Republicans agree that the entire series of abortion bills will get votes. State Rep. J.R. Claeys (R
Several businesses near the clinic provide medical services and to single out the clinic for rezoning would be a misuse of
The clinic where Dr. George Tiller performed abortions until being shot and killed during worship at his church on May 31, 2009, will be open for services in two or three months.