The Pakistan Telecom Authority’s recent ban on Tinder and Grindr is the latest attempt to control the lives and desires of the country’s young and restless.
Major flooding and widespread power outages have hit the coastal city of Karachi as authorities scramble to evacuate residents.
The Pakistan International Airlines flight, carrying 98 onboard, crashed into a crowded neighborhood on the edge of the airport.
"I create my own version of masculinity, making new men out of old ones..."
At least 150 people were wounded by the blast.
From amidst the crowd of men The voice of the individual is heard Rather than the ghazal couplet seen on trucks and buses
He stopped the show to pull the woman from the audience.
So, what is the world you want to live in? It seems that the first step each one of us can do is simple. It just takes the decision to do it. Transforming our passion into compassion.
As a megacity with an estimated 23+ million population comprised of every ethnicity and religion the region has to offer, Karachi is a melting pot of people and ideas.
Without fearing the unknown, kids from around the seafaring metropolis have learnt to celebrate the essence of life.