Customers can choose to have their shadow man box, do karate or swing a baseball bat.
Because I'm tired of living in Bizarro World where Presidential candidates brag about sexually assaulting women and crazy clowns follow people in the street. Where the inconceivable is now our reality. At this point, waiting for Superman to come and rescue us from 2016 doesn't seem that crazy to me.
The International Olympics Committee is looking to modernize the 2020 Games.
To watch a short video of the fight camp, click here. Or visit ThailandKarateCamps.com for more information. "Well, money
The overwhelming majority of anti-Muslim violence targets women.
Not only was this classmate my savior, a man with a sound moral compass, he was cute too. I sometimes want to believe that
Let's just go ahead and admit that 2015 was, like, basically the best year for MMA ever ... but no, seriously it was. Yes, 2015 was filled with some of history's most exciting MMA fights, and combat events, and fighters, and knockouts, and submissions.
To strengthen your Side Blade Kick try: I've pulled together two common kicks that are done in martial arts and paired them
Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer don't exactly have skills rivaling those of Bruce Lee -- but thanks to the magic of stop-motion