Customers can choose to have their shadow man box, do karate or swing a baseball bat.
Because I'm tired of living in Bizarro World where Presidential candidates brag about sexually assaulting women and crazy clowns follow people in the street. Where the inconceivable is now our reality. At this point, waiting for Superman to come and rescue us from 2016 doesn't seem that crazy to me.
The International Olympics Committee is looking to modernize the 2020 Games.
I managed to counterpunch and gasp my way through the first two opponents without passing out, and then was paired with Sebastien
Not only was this classmate my savior, a man with a sound moral compass, he was cute too. I sometimes want to believe that
Let's just go ahead and admit that 2015 was, like, basically the best year for MMA ever ... but no, seriously it was. Yes, 2015 was filled with some of history's most exciting MMA fights, and combat events, and fighters, and knockouts, and submissions.
Side Leg Lift Still finding your inner Yogi Ninja? Learn more about martial arts and yoga. Start in a Standing Forward Bend
My daughter calmly informed me she was "pumped up." They weren't cocky, just self-confident, assured that they knew what to do in the ring, no matter the belt, size or gender of their opponent.
Keep kicking, Helen. At 80, Helen Dugan could easily take down someone decades her junior. That's because the great-grandmother
Being able to do what you love these days, much less being able to connect it to a great cause, isn't easy. Karate master
I've seen this before. It is really a simple trick when you understand the problem from a structural engineering perspective. The trick consists of a moderate amount of power and speed, and a lot of careful selection of the target material and geometry.
Instead of faking it 'til you make it, consider the advice of the late musician Jeff Buckley who said, "Be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside even in places you hate."
Back to school should be an exciting time -- new teachers, new clothes, new school supplies and new friends. But for a child who is the victim of a bully, the excitement of a new school year is filled more with anxiety than anticipation.
You would not want to cross this "young grasshopper" in a fight. In the video above, 7-year-old Mahiro shows off her skills
He will beat this disease. He will keep exercising and doing push-ups. Why? His training helps his mind stay focused and stay on his journey of recovery.